Infusing a Growth Framework Within a Business’s DNA

    growing a business

    ‘The essence of strategy…is more about what you’re not going to do than what you’re going to do’ 

    — Michael Porter

    What are growing businesses doing differently? Is it a choice they make, is it a set of actions they take? Or does it come down to something more intangible: Who they are, how they’re operating in the everyday?

    Even when businesses get off on the right foot, charting out a clear blueprint for ‘success’, the answer to what defines success is not so clear. To accomplish it, they’ll need to constantly oscillate between the poles of prioritising profits and gaining growth.

    But the two are not mutually exclusive — in fact, they’re intrinsically tied.

    Consider, for example, that in CPA Australia’s Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey of 2016 ‘businesses that grew strongly…say that ‘improved customer satisfaction’, ‘improved business strategy’ and ‘improved business management’ had a more positive impact on their business than those who did not grow’.

    But what does ‘improved customer satisfaction’, ‘improved business strategy’ and ‘improved business management’ mean? What do these outcomes entail, especially when translated to growth? And how can businesses infuse these as part of their daily actions and zoomed-out vision?

    In his book Great By Choice, Jim Collins tries to put a human face on the strategies, actions and performances that lead to greatness and growth. For him, growing a business all comes down to good (repeatable) choices — there’s simply no silver bullet to growth.

    In fact, businesses that can make growth a part of their start-up DNA don’t have to choose between ‘growth strategies’ and profitability-focused action. Done right, growth is a mindset as well as growing a business – an inevitable reality of any business that wishes to reach maturity.

    To bring these elements and choices of growth to light, this report focuses on:

    • The current market trends surrounding businesses in the APAC region and the growth potential these businesses are already seeing.
    • What the best companies are focusing on to grow like clockwork in a sustainable but consistent way, free of any gimmicky ‘growth-hacking’ quick-fixes; These strategies are focused solely on concrete reliable templates for success.
    • Helping businesses understand their current position in the inevitable and age-old business cycle, from ideation to expansion.
    • Proven, productive, profitable and professional marketing techniques that buttress the growth opportunities for each stage so that businesses can stack successful moves.

    Ready to shape your business vision into systematic, data-driven success? Let’s go.

    This article is an excerpt fromCoded for Growth: Infusing a Growth Framework Within a Business’s DNA’. In this White Paper, we explore what growing a business takes, how to infuse a growth marketing process into a business and what the best businesses are doing. In it we discuss growth marketing, digital marketing, data and insights as well as digital transformation.

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