Two Shape is a growth company. We exist to help businesses grow and achieve their vision.

    We do this by working with our customers to understand and create 3D growth. That is:

    1. Increasing, retaining and growing the right type of customers
    2. Increasing the right type of revenue
    3. Building value innovation

    This is done by applying our 3D Growth Model. This model has five stages; the idea, foundation, creation, communication and optimisation. Businesses are mapped and graduate through the model to understand where they are now and what they need to do to achieve their goals – both short and long term.

    Once built, we use data and insights, digital transformation programs and growth marketing strategies to bring it to life.

    This approach is suitable for new or established businesses, product launches, marketing campaigns, market testing or initiatives that look to capture or unlock new opportunity.

    The result is always focused on long term and meaningful growth.

    What is 3D Growth?

    Attracting, retaining and growing your customer base is the life blood of any business. But, to achieve sustainable growth, we must always work to attract the right type of customer.
    This means we must look beyond quantity of your customer count and understand quality.
    Understanding the right type of revenue for your business is a pivotal step in growth marketing. We look at this through the lens of ‘high quality’ revenue versus ‘low quality’ revenue. High-quality revenue has three main characteristics: predictability, profitability and diversity, and is the foundation for sustainable growth.
    Value Innovation
    In attempting to break away from the competition, businesses often fall into the trap of focusing on product or service enhancements. Value innovation focuses on improving your offer by increasing the value it provides customers. This fundamental shift and way of thinking results in an increased focus on sustained and relevant value.

    The premise of growth marketing is founded upon focusing your entire efforts on growth, so thinking in terms of customers, revenue and value innovation captures the essence of what needs to be achieved. We understand the interdependencies that each factor has on your business. As a result, there is a deep symbiotic relationship.

    Our Leadership

    Russell Smith

    Founder & CEO

    Mark Amin

    Head of Customer Strategy & Insights

    Adam Chochol

    Head of Digital
    The ideas and work Two Shape bring to our business are cutting edge.
    Rohan Milne
    Founder at Rohan Jewellers
    Two Shape are leading-edge thinkers. If you are looking for something new and better in growth marketing, they bring it.
    Rob Pyne
    CEO at HPH Solutions
    We needed a sophisticated marketing team to help us get to growth mode. The ROI is already there.
    Peter Winnall
    Managing Director at Rekon Group

    Who We Work With

    Our clients do things that matter
    We love to work with people who do things that matter and want to provide value to the world. Their business and what they do “exists for a reason”.
    They are all over the world
    Great ideas and great businesses come from all over the world. We work with organisations in more than 20 countries and 35+ industries.
    They are at different stages
    Our clients are all in different stages of their business and growth cycles.