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About Us

Two Shape exists to help businesses and business people achieve their north star.

We do this by understanding your vision, and then building a plan to help you achieve it based upon our proven marketing framework.

This framework balances what we need to achieve in the short term while aligning all our efforts towards the greater vision. It is a sequential but agile process for building and growing a business. It is driven by the most contemporary and innovative marketing practices, that have been developed using a proven marketing system approach. It is human-centric, methodical, collaborative and data-driven

We bring this to life through our team of technologists, innovators, strategists, creatives, project managers and digital experts.

Our Clients - Map

We love to work with people who do things that matter and want to provide value to the world. Their business and what they do “exists for a reason”. Game changers who are passionate about changing people’s lives for the better.

What are examples of our client’s north stars?

  • To be the number one leadership coach in Australia for women in business
  • To sell 1,000,000 units of a soon to launch product in the next 2 years
  • To have offices in 30+ countries
  • “To set my business up so I don’t need to work in it anymore”
  • To do $10m in annual revenue in the next three years.
  • To give a TED Talk
Meet Our Team

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Our Leadership

Thinking big. Growth centric. Data-driven. Two Shapes global team brings a wealth of experience to help businesses grow.

Russell Smith

Russell Smith

CEO & Founder

 Mark Amin

Mark Amin

Head of Customer Strategy & Insights

Adam Chochol

Adam Chochol

Head of Digital

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