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Achieving Vision & Growth

The job to be done

Vision and growth are two sides of the same coin. But when marketers and business owners get caught up with activities that don’t allow for both to succeed, it quickly creates an adverse effect.

The key to running a successful and meaningful business is to keep vision and growth progressing in parallel. Marketing that drives either one or the other risks the sustainability of the business as well as future growth potential

The growth marketing model has been developed to ensure client’s vision and growth are achieved in concert. We build systems that are pragmatic, focused and measurable. In the process, we reduce and potentially eliminate the tension between driving vision and achieving growth.

Vision and growth can co-exist. When harnessed and shaped correctly, they will help businesses achieved their goals.

Where do you start?
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Where do you start?

Where a business enters the growth model depends on many factors. To identify this, we look at where you are now, where you want to be, and then work our way backwards. By this approach, we are able to apply a model that is timely and suitable for your business, and keep us firmly fixed on achieving your vision. This in turn will allow for consistent, predictable and scalable growth, while being accountable to your goals and ongoing milestones.

The Growth Marketing Model is broken down into five phases;

Growth Model


This is where we refine your idea, the value it creates, the difference your business will make in people’s lives, the market and the opportunity. We use a design thinking approach supported by deep market and consumer insight.

When do we start here: This is the starting point if you are just starting your business, launching a new product or service, or are looking to tweak your direction. This may include building a plan to help offset declining market share, evolving consumer preferences, commoditization of your brand or technology impacts.

The outcome of this phase will be a clear vision for your business, a defined product or service, the opportunity it will have in the market and understanding of the impact it will have on your consumers.


In this phase, we take a view of the entire business and set the scene for growth. We will benchmark your business based upon market best practice, define what success looks like and develop your growth goals. We will also optimise your story and how it will be presented to the market.

When do we start here: We start here if there is a clear and compelling product or offering in place, however you believe the presentation of your brand story can be more interesting, attention grabbing and relevant than what you have presented.  

The outcome of this phase will be a clear view for how we will grow your business including the critical success factors, timeline and structure. It will also include a refined story and brand that we can present to the market, both written and visual.


In this phase, we build an end to end understanding of how people buy and what your customer journey looks like.  We then create the content and identify the technology we need to attract prospects to your business so we can guide them through the customer journey. We use an inbound marketing model.

When do we start here: We start at this point if the marketing foundation has been built, we are clear on the brand story and who we are communicating to.

The outcome of this phase will be an inbound marketing model and technology roadmap for your business. This includes the development of your marketing assets and collateral required to make your marketing strategy successful, such as your website, landing pages, content, social platforms and marketing automation workflows. This may also include off-line assets.


This is where your marketing goes live. We call it the ‘Conversion Conversations’. Through campaigns, social media platforms, and email marketing amongst others, we work to place your brand and your difference in front of your target audience.

When do we start here: We start here we are ready to start driving sales, revenue and customer acquisition. In addition, we will have a focus on and audience development and growth.

The outcome of this phase will be a live marketing strategy. We will drive traffic via paid and non-paid programs, such as search engine optimisation, digital advertising, social media and email marketing automation.


This final phase is fluid and evolving. We will oversee the developed marketing strategy and optimize the growth model. This is with a goal of achieving the optimal results and continuing to stay a leader in your category. Through real-time data-driven insight, we methodically report back to your business on what’s working, what’s not working and where we need to focus to continue to be successful.

When do we start here: We will start in this phase if you have an effective marketing strategy in place that is optimized for your market.

The outcome of this phase will be a repeatable and scalable process for driving sales by capturing and nurturing prospective customers with relevant and timely processes.

So, where is your business?

Our team of technologists, brand, insights, communications, creative, digital and business strategists will provide a balanced assessment of where you are in your journey and make a recommendation for where in the growth model we need to start.

Many times – as is the relationship when looking to achieve growth and vision in parallel – we can start our engagement at multiple points. This will result in being able to achieve short term milestones, such as sales and revenue, while still building a model for long-term success.

Who is the Growth Marketing Model Suitable for?

The Growth Marketing Model is suitable for your business if:

  1. You and your business has a big vision for positive impact and growth
  2. You’re a business that wants to increase revenue and grow your customer base.
  3. You need to grow your business and understand a holistic approach is required – not just a series of activities.
  4. You’re someone that needs expertise but does not want to bring on full time staff.
  5. You’re a company that needs someone who can manage the full view of growing your business end to end.

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