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    Company Overview

    Two Shape is a growth marketing company. We exist to help businesses achieve their vision through growth marketing, digital transformation and data & insights.

    Our philosophy on marketing and the business impact it should have is simple; it is not an end unto itself — the goal should always be focused on building 3D Growth. That is;

    1. Attracting, retaining and growing the right customers,
    2. Growing the right revenue, and
    3. Building deep value within your offer.

    We help you achieve your vision by understanding where you want to be, and then building a plan using our 3D growth model. This model balances what we need to achieve in the short term while aligning all our efforts towards the greater vision. It is a sequential and agile process for building, growing and scaling a business, and is driven by the most contemporary and innovative digital marketing practices.

    To find out more about 3D Growth, click here. 

    Key Stats

    • Founded in December, 2017
    • Based in Perth, Western Australia
    • Customers in more than 20 countries

    About our CEO & Founder

    Russell Smith is the Founder & CEO of Two Shape. His role is responsible for the strategy and direction of the company as well as operations.

    With a passion for global business and growth marketing strategy, Russell has spent his career working with businesses in more than 30 countries building marketing programs that focus on growth and value innovation. In this time, he has lived and worked in Boston and Singapore, and he has worked with world-class brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Orange, Cisco & Telstra.

    After spending the better part of a decade living overseas, he quickly realised there is a need for enterprise level marketing, data and insights and digital-first thinking within small and medium businesses.

    Russell started Two Shape to bring this strategy to small businesses and also with a goal of demystify and providing structure to a seemingly complex world of marketing.

    Prior to Two Shape, Russell held a number of marketing leadership roles with Akamai Technologies, including the Global Head of Partner & Alliance Marketing, where he was responsible for US$750m of revenue.

    He holds a degree in Science from Edith Cowan University, an MBA from the University of Western Australia and has completed Executive Education in Digital & Social Strategy from Harvard Business School.


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