What are growing businesses doing differently? Is it a choice they make, is it a set of actions they take? Or does it come down to something more intangible: Who they are and how they’re operating in the everyday?

    In this White Paper, we seek to understand the focus areas that growing businesses have and how they differ from businesses that are not growing. We coupled these findings with market research and trends in the APAC region.

    What we found was specific and tangible focus areas that translate to growth, and how businesses can infuse these as part of their daily actions and zoomed-out vision.

    Focus of the Report

    To bring these elements and choices of growth to light, this report focuses on:

    The current market trends surrounding
    businesses in the APAC region and the
    growth potential these businesses are already seeing.
    What the best companies are
    focusing on to grow like clockwork in
    a sustainable but consistent way, free of any gimmicky
    'growth-hacking' quick-fixes.
    Helping businesses understand their
    current position in the inevitable and
    age-old business cycle, from ideation
    to expansion.
    Proven, productive, profitable and
    professional marketing techniques that
    buttress the growth opportunities for each
    stage so that businesses can stack successful moves.

    The Key Findings & Recommendations

    1. Future. Digital. Analytics. People. Leadership.

    Businesses that grow meaningfully have a strong focus on five areas; Commitment to the future, focus on digital, harnessing analytics, investing in people and they marry a clear vision with leadership action.

    2. Focus on organic growth

    Companies that focus on methods of organic growth are more successful with their efforts. These are also the businesses that take a steady and sustainable approach to growth, focusing on multiple avenues.

    3. Execute on short and long term tactics

    Successful growers adopt a bifocal perspective, which emphasises both near-term and long-term vision and tactics. Even though they plan within a clear strategy, they are not slaves to a mechanistic process for projecting a medium-term budget.

    4. Focus on a spread of avenues to growth

    No single strategy can offer a complete view of how to grow, and any approach that overemphasises one strategy also oversimplifies the manager’s challenge. Given that each company brings to growth a unique position and exposure to different kinds of opportunity, there are many possible strategies for growth.

    Six lessons from businesses growing strongly

    They focus on new digital technologies
    They focus on innovation through new products and processes
    Across Boarders
    They grow through geographical expansion
    Social Media
    They reach new people via social media
    Online Sales
    They find ways to sell online
    Everything is driven by strategy

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