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    Data analytics is at the top of the agenda for forward-thinking businesses. A business that is data-driven will thrive in the modern age and lead the competition.

    See how you can use data analytics and business intelligence to win.

    Imagine having a business that runs on deep data driven insight, all at your fingertips. Conversations and decisions will evolve from directional assumptions and speculation, to a well-defined process – while increasing the likelihood of a more accurate outcome.

    Done right, data analytics and insights will transform your business to effectively navigate the evolving environment, bring new opportunity and build a sustainable competitive advantage. It has moved from a nice to have, to a mission critical function within a business.

    Data & Insights Maturity Lifecycle

    Backward Looking: Descriptive Analytics
    Summarise recent and historical data using real time dashboards, graphs, statistics, trend models, data visualisations and drill-downs.
    Forward Looking: Predictive Analytics
    Use a variety of advanced statistical, modelling, and machine learning techniques that study historical data to make probabilistic predictions.
    Next Best Action: Prescriptive Analytics
    Add tracked outcomes to suggest a best course of action by means of operational optimisation strategies.

    “Big data’s potential just keeps growing. Taking full advantage means companies must incorporate analytics into their strategic vision and use it to make better, faster decisions” 

    – McKinsey


    Data Curation

    Understand the data sources that are needed and put it within the context of the business so the organisation can interact with it, understand it, and use it. Data curation enables the organisation to move beyond simply asking questions of their data, toward asking questions of their business.

    Business Intelligence & Visualisations

    Modern-day data visualisations are changing the way we can view and interact with data. By building easy to use dashboards for all aspects of your people and business, we can quickly understand what the data means in the real world and put it into context by asking the right questions and developing actions.

    Customer Analysis

    Customer analysis focuses on improving your understanding of your customers. By segmenting your customer base, we can understand the needs, drivers and value to the business. Ultimately, we will look to understand your ideal clients and build strategies to attract more to your business and maximise their life-time value.

    Data Engagement

    Data analytics and insights are not just for the few. It must be shared and become a part of everyday business. Evolving from access to engagement means we are changing the way decisions are made throughout the organisation. Democratise your data to empower individuals and functions within organisations to understand and take ownership of what they need and be as effective as they can be.

    Trend Analysis & Forecasting

    Using advanced analysis, machine learning and predictive views through data science practices such as propensity modelling and cluster analysis, you will be able to forecast trends and predict future occurrences to support decision making within the organisation. Machine learning will enable systems to gain deeper domain knowledge over time based on your company’s data and the types of questions the users ask.

    Data Storytelling

    Data storytelling focuses on creating a bridge between our data and its real-world applications by building a narrative. This process humanises the data-efforts so we can understand it and move it into action. It allows leaders to rally organisational efforts behind the findings and articulate why they matter and what needs to be done, as much as what they are.

    Digital data will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42% through 2020

    – IDG

    97% of leaders believe that the future of marketing lies in the ways that digital marketers work alongside machine-learning based tools.

    – Quantic Mind

    60% of CIOs plan to increase spending on analytics in the next 12 months.

    – IDG

    By 2020, 85% of CIOs will be piloting artificial intelligence programs through a combination of buy, build, and outsource efforts.

    – Gartner

    How leading businesses use data and insights in their organisations

    The power of data analytics is a linchpin for organisations looking to maximise profit in a sustainable way. It allows them to validate their decisions and use tools to guide their decisions and best actions.

    The C-Suite

    Executives are embedding both leading and lagging insights into their business daily to influence core strategic vision, identify opportunities, develop business processes and create an efficient and effective organisation.


    Insights lay the foundation for targeting opportunities such as new markets to enter, understanding customer related patterns and trends, and ultimately personalising communications and initiatives. This allows marketers to be incredibly targeted with their efforts and leads to better customer acquisition and retention.


    The future of sales will be based upon ‘insight selling’, which is anchored on the premise of value. Effective sales organisations will be able to understand their potential clients to a greater degree, create a more informed and engaging conversation and influence next steps with value-based offers built on deep insight.

    Customer Service

    The use of real-time forecasting empowers customer service teams to grow front-end revenue. By having proactive insight, they can reach out to customers with accuracy and a defined message where there is an opportunity to upsell, or get in front of and mitigate churn risk.

    Product Development

    Successful product and service adoption relies heavily on customer centric innovation. The world’s best product development teams are using customer trend data, feedback and purchasing insight throughout the development process to create more effective products.

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