Achieve Profitable, Predictable & Sustainable Business Growth

    Growth is challenging and exciting. You’ve worked hard to arrive at this stage. It’s time to scale up and take it to the next level. But HOW?

    It takes 7-10 years to build a meaningful business.

    Not every business makes it to the growth stage. And if you did, what got you there will not necessarily see you go beyond. Meaningfully growing and scaling your business is a whole new game. To be successful, you must look at growth through a new lens.

    Beyond Customers & Revenue - a 3D approach to Growth

    Too often, growth is viewed as an end-state or an over simplified, linear process; you’re either growing or declining. This is a short-term approach. To develop sustainable and meaningful growth, we must go a level deeper. We must break it down by first understanding what does growth mean to your business and subsequently what the right type of growth is, and second, deeply embedding yourself within your target audience and positively evolving that value over time.

    This approach to growth can be achieved by focusing on three areas in parallel;

    Increasing, retaining and growing the RIGHT type of customers
    Increasing the RIGHT type of revenue
    Building and evolving your offer based upon deep VALUE innovation

    The four key elements to growing and scaling your business successfully

    Successful growth centric companies do these well:

    They build systems and use technology to drive always-on growth

    Growth isn’t a time framed activity; it happens 24/7. Growth isn’t the prerogative of the few; it involves everyone. Growth isn’t a statement of intent; it is a strategy with a planned set of living actions. Successful companies infuse growth in their people and drive it with technology. They build an always on and automated growth engine that flows through all aspects of the business.

    They lead with data and inspire action through insights

    Growth centric businesses make informed decisions. Data is part of their DNA. It gives clarity and direction. They enable the business to measure progress as well as develop opportunities. Data-driven businesses thrive because they’re tracking growth and constantly testing the efficacy of their strategies.

    They focus long-term and on multiple avenues

    Businesses that take a steady, sustainable and ultimately successful approach to growth focus on multiple avenues. No single strategy can offer a complete view of how to grow, and any approach that overemphasises one strategy also oversimplifies the challenge. Given that each company brings to growth a unique position and exposure to different kinds of opportunity, there are many possible strategies for growth.

    They reinforce their growth journey by strengthening their foundation

    Successful growth centric businesses always ensure their foundations can position and carry the weight of growth. Tactics and marketing channels change – principles do not. The most successful businesses are constantly sharpening their target audience, the job-to-be-done for their target audience and their brand story.

    Designing the Building Blocks of a Growth Marketing Strategy

    Growth marketing is a coordinated and multi-faceted set of planned intentions and actions that move towards a single outcome.

    1. Define the business' North Star

    It’s easy to get lost in the busy-ness of growing a business and the attraction of the latest hacks and short-cuts. Your North Star keeps you in focus and aligned to where you are heading.

    2. Innovate based upon value

    Your customers are always evolving and changing. As such, you need to as well. However, you must extend your efforts beyond solely bettering your product or service. You must innovate based upon the value you provide to your customers.

    3. Be the Thought Leader

    Being different is no longer good enough in the competitive business environment. A business must be an authority in a specific field.

    4. Create a Sphere of Influence

    Content is king. But it needs a kingdom to be credible and respected. By developing its sphere of influence, a business contextualises the content it puts out. It marks its kingdom. Growth marketing seeks to build your business’ community of believers, users and advocates. It is more than building a customer base. To do this, growth marketing’s agenda is to give value, build intimacy and earn trust.

    5. Conversion Conversation Strategy

    Today, businesses must be in a dialogue with prospects. Thanks to marketing technology, this is possible at scale. Like in any fruitful conversations, the quality matters. We need to view it as an exchange and progression of value over time.

    6. Institute a measuring system

    Being data-driven is inherent throughout your entire growth marketing process, as is agility. Data and insights will help us understand where we are and point us in the direction of opportunity. A growth marketing mindset will allow us to identify and grow that opportunity.

    Do What You Do Best

    Successful growth driven businesses very quickly realise efficient outcomes are achieved by matching tasks to individuals with the skills most suited for them. They do this by supplementing and extending their organisation’s capabilities using an outsourced approach. This approach gives access to the depths and blends of skills required to stay ahead of the growth curve.

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